About Us

Customer Satisfaction

Khim Seng Gas has been consistently rated among the top providers of gas and energy solutions by their long-term business partners and clients.

Dedicated Service

Khim Seng Gas is a boutique energy solutions provider which runs like a small agency while servicing the biggest clients and venues.

Commitment & Integrity

Whether you're the smallest hawker or a massive corporate canteen, Khim Seng Gas treats you like their best paying client. We deliver value of services beyond the dollar value of the contract.


From humble provision store...

Khim Seng Gas understand what it means to build a business: from managing costs to working with the right partners. The company was a family business until the eldest brother Albert decided to expand their supply of portable gas canisters.

to Energy Solutions Provider

Khim Seng Gas can now provide island-wide delivery and with their fleet around Singapore, a quick turn-around time is all but assured.


The Safe Gas Provider

Khim Seng Gas adheres to the highest safety standards when it comes to delivery and supply of LPG in all forms. Every stage of the operation is designed to deliver worry-free supply to our customers with qualified service personnel.